This is another entertaining little gem by Marco Malvaldi, set in the Bar Lume in Pineta, Italy, on the coast not far from Pisa. We have the same cast of characters: Massimo, the ex-mathematics Ph.D. now a bar owner; Tiziana, the level-headed and ironic waitress; the four septuagenarians who occupy the best table at the bar; and Fusco, the crass and hapless police chief.

This is pure entertainment. Yes, there’s a murder, and it’s not at all obvious who is the culprit or what possible motive could have led to the crime; and Malvaldi plays by the rules: you know what Massimo knows. But this is not a murder mystery that takes itself seriously. Malvaldi, and most of his characters, are sardonic, sarcastic, and sometimes laugh out loud funny.



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