These are the movie stories (not quite scripts, but close) written by Hammett for the 2nd and 3rd Nick and Nora Charles Thin Man movies. They were reworked by studio script writers, but if you’ve seen the movies you’ll recognize almost everything in these 2 stories (with just one or two exceptions).

The stories themselves are pretty entertaining, but the main interest comes from the quality of Hammett’s writing and the way he portrays the characters via their dialogue. He was really, really good. It’s incidentally interesting to see his notes to the director about how certain scenes should be done, and occasional instructions to fill in certain details.

If you enjoy Hammett’s novels or if you enjoyed the first 3 Thin Man movies (and nobody enjpyed the next 3) you’ll like these stories.



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  • Title: Return of the Thin Man: Two never-before-published novellas featuring Nick & Nora Charles
  • Author: Dashiell Hammett
  • Published: 2012
  • ISBN: 0802120504
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  • Rating: 3.0 stars