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This installment was more police procedural and less lyrical literature than we’ve come to expect from this series. And it is also a direct continuation of the previous episode, taking place just a month after his narrow escape from the false charges of pederasty instigated by Livia, the highly connected woman whom Ricciardi had spurned.

Ricciardi and Maione investigate the murder of a businessman, beaten to death just hours after he had been publicly threatened by a championship boxer recently returned to Naples from America. Meanwhile, Maione is put in an awkward position by his informant, the transvestite. And Enrica, Ricciardi’s neighbor, has decisions to make, and seeks information from RIcciardi.

In short - this is a workmanlike novel. It advances the story of Ricciardi and the women who flock around him, and helps us better understand the isolation that he has imposed on himself. And it works as a mystery: we know what Ricciardi knows as he unravels the murder mystery.



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  • Title: Nameless Serenade
  • Author: Maurizio de Giovanni
  • Published: ****
  • ISBN: 160945460X
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  • Rating: 4.0 stars