Del-Prete is a Swiss artist who apparently specializes in optical illusions. He has a fairly wide range of visual technique: forced perspective, double perspective, impossible shapes, reversal of figure and ground, and the construction of one image from the conjoining of multiple ‘hidden’ images. He also has a wide variety of subject matter, ranging from the mechanical to the quasi-erotic.

The artist provides an an appropriate amount of commentary on the images, drawing your attention to some of the subtle details, where necessary.

The images are complex and interesting, but many of the pieces seemed to be not quite finished: a little rough, as though they were sketches or exercises leading to a finished work. For the type of pieces that he creates it seems to me that a high degree of finish would be desirable.



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  • Title: The Master of Illusions: Pictures to Ponder from a Visual Virtuoso
  • Author: Sandro Del-Prete
  • Published: 1981
  • ISBN: 1402754000
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  • Rating: 4.0 stars