This is a collection of excerpts from speeches and proclamations from Fidel Castro, the Cuban Communist Party, and a few other individual Cuban leaders. Not surprisingly it is dull, dull, dull. I would be very interested in reading a history of the Cuban revolution - there has been plenty of interesting events, and the fact that it has survived this long in the face of unrelenting hostility from the US says that it has something going for it. But these speeches and proclamations do not make for interesting reading: they are directed inward, mostly, at an audience that would have had little or no choice but to agree with whatever was said. So they lack any sense of being grounded in a verifiable reality.



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  • Title: Cuban Revolution Reader: A Documentary History of 40 Years of the Cuban Revolution
  • Author: Julio Garcia Luis
  • Published: 2000
  • ISBN: 1876175109
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  • Rating: 2.0 stars