This is a fairly useful book, even if you are reasonably knowledgeable about Asian food as served in America. There are separate chapters on Japanese, Chinese, Korean, southeast Asian, and Indian restaurants. Besides making observations about specific menu choices, Shaw offers strategies for making the most of Asian restaurant dining experience.

  1. If you find a restaurant that you really like, become a regular. Get to know the staff and the owner. Ask lots of questions. Try the ‘off-menu’ items (and there almost always are off-menu items, except possibly in Japanese and Indian restaurants).

  2. Be adventurous. Try items you haven’t tried before - at worst, you’re out a few dollars; at best you find a new favorite food. Go to dinner with people who share your desire to try new things; conversely, avoid boorish people with fixed ideas about food.

  3. Ask questions. If you see a dish at another table that looks good, but doesn’t seem to be on the menu, find out what it is. Ask the restaurant staff, or if necessary, politely ask the other diners.



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  • Title: Asian Dining Rules: Essential Strategies for Eating Out at Japanese, Chinese, Southeast Asian, Korean, and Indian Restaurants
  • Author: Steven A. Shaw
  • Published: 2008
  • ISBN: 0061255599
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  • Rating: 3.0 stars