The year started out well but went downhill.

We spent New Year’s day in Cuenca, then began the long journey home via Miami, arriving home on the 4th of January.

In late March we spent a week at the coast, had dinner in Portland on the way there with our friends, lots of walks with the dogs, saw a community theater play in Tillamook, and generally had a nice time.

Through the spring I was really bored with work, and not doing well at all. Despite working for a great company, I was dreading going into work in the morning. Can’t say that has changed a whole lot since. Mostly I’m just not as thrilled about programming as I used to be. And it shows in the quantity and quality of my work. Not really sure what to do about that, though I have at least been able to improve my attitude towards work since then. I’ve even done a few good things. Still - I look forward to not having to do this anymore.

Joanne put together a great garden this year - much more extensive than the one that she and I talked about, but that’s OK. We had lots of herbs, tomatoes, fennel, cucumbers, strawberries, beans, some peas, peppers, and on and on, including corn. I had a salad every day from the garden; lots of pesto and sauce and salsa; and a lot of dried hebs at the end of the season.

We also used the grill a lot through the spring and summer, and not just for grilling. We bought a nice cast iron roasting pot and made a few roasted dinners in the gas grill. But we did a lot of grilled steaks, pork, and chicken, along with corn, onions, potatoes, and asparagus.

My mom took a terrible fall in May, and was in the hospital for 12 days, followed by 2 months of physical therapy. I wish she would continue with (or, rather, resume) the physical therapy, but I doubt that she will.

We went once again to eastern Oregon over the 4th of July, and had a quiet time. It will be our last time, I think, because the owner of the place we stay at is selling the house.

Our friend Charla died in early August - unexpected, though her health had not been great for a while.

Mochi was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her left hind leg in August and had surgery on August 26. And though the surgery was in some sense a success, by the time we got the bandages off a new tumor had formed in her foot. We have been battling this ever since, with two rounds of electrochemothery and a brief attempt at metronomic chemotherapy. But at this point it is clear that we won’t have her much longer and all we can really do is treat the pain, and give her the best remainig life we can.

We spent a week in Arizona in October, visiting my mom at her timeshare in Pinetop, followed by a few days in Bisbee. It was a good getaway, though I hated to leave the dogs.

And the real bottom of the year was that Joanne was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer on November 10. She had successful surgery on December 17, and is recovering well. But now we (she, mostly) is faced with the decision about whether to do post-op adjuvent chemotherapy to prevent recurrence, progression, or metastasis. It is not an easy cut and dried decision.

Before the diagnosis we had planned to go to the Oregon coast during Thanksgiving week, and decided there was not reason not to. We wanted to be sure Mochi had another chance to be on the beach. We stayed at our usual place, but weren’t able to stay for Thanksgiving weekend because it had already been booked. But we had a nice 5 days (though I got sick the last day). The weather was excellent for the time of year, and despite her foot Mochi had a great time with the beach walks.

In all - a hard year.